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Newfoundland Photos >> Wesleyville

Wesleyville Newfoundland Photos - Photo Destinations for Wesleyville


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Newfoundland Photos of War Memorial in Wesleyville - Wesleyville, Newfoundland
War Memorial in Wesleyville, Wesleyville
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Newfoundland Photos of Close up of War Memorial - Wesleyville, Newfoundland
Close up of War Memorial, Wesleyville
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Newfoundland Photos of Quaint Area with Gazeebo - Wesleyville, Newfoundland
Quaint Area with Gazeebo, Wesleyville
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Newfoundland Photos of View of Stockley's Cove - Wesleyville, Newfoundland
View of Stockley's Cove, Wesleyville
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Newfoundland Photos of Small Lighthouse on Rocks - Wesleyville, Newfoundland
Small Lighthouse on Rocks, Wesleyville
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Newfoundland Photos of Islands off Stockly's Cove - Wesleyville, Newfoundland
Islands off Stockly's Cove, Wesleyville
Main RoadStockley's Cove
A beautiful little commuity where the people are friendly and the scenery is amazing. A must see while around the area. History :: Pouplation 1,126 (1991), New-Wes-Valley 3,061 (1996). What now is the town of Wesleyville was settled in the 1860 and 1880 by a number of fishing families who moved from the islands of northwestern Bonavista Islands, just north offshore.

Newfoundland Photos of Wesleyville - Photo Destinations for Wesleyville, Newfoundland

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