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Outer Cove Newfoundland Photos - Photo Destinations for Outer Cove


B and B's Luxury Accommodations St. John's, Newfoundland NL

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Newfoundland Photos of Outer Cove Coastline - Outer Cove, Newfoundland
Outer Cove Coastline, Outer Cove
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Newfoundland Photos of Waves and Seagulls in Outer Cove - Outer Cove, Newfoundland
Waves and Seagulls in Outer Cove, Outer Cove
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Newfoundland Photos of Wall of Seagulls Close Up - Outer Cove, Newfoundland
Wall of Seagulls Close Up, Outer Cove
CoastlineLogy Bay Road
Outer Cove, Newfoundland - A great place to fish in the ocean and get caplin when they are rolling in. Normally Late July to Early August you can get them each year. All you need is a bucket and wait for high tide. Be careful these days though, it has turned into a major tourist attraction, with hundreds of people flocking to the beach at the one time. It used to be just a few locals, but now people from other ends of the Country show up for the caplin run. A great thing, just be careful!

Watch a video of the running water into the Ocean of Outer Cove:

Waves Crashing Against Shore in Middle Cove-Outer Cove

Newfoundland Photos of Outer Cove - Photo Destinations for Outer Cove, Newfoundland

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