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Greenspond Island Newfoundland Photos - Photo Destinations for Greenspond Island


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Newfoundland Photos of Just before Greenspond - Greenspond Island, Newfoundland
Just before Greenspond, Greenspond Island
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Newfoundland Photos of Houses on Edge of Greenspond - Greenspond Island, Newfoundland
Houses on Edge of Greenspond, Greenspond Island
Greenspond Rd
A very beautiful town full of history and scenery. A long walking trail around the full coastline makes this whole place a perfect destination for a combination of walking, scenery and history. History :: An Ancient Outharbour Greenspond is one of the oldest settlement communities in Newfoundland, having been inhabited since the 1690's. As northernmost English outpost in Newfoundland, Greenspond thrived through the 1700's as a trading centre. It was known as "The Capital of the North". The early inhabitants of Greenspond hailed from the English West Country - Primarily from the Dorset and the adjoining countries of Devon, Hampshire, and Somerset. Old-time Greenspond family names which can still be found in the community today (2010) include Bishop, Blandford, Bragg, Burry, Burton, Butler, Carter, Chaytor, Crocker, Dominely, Easton, Feltham, Granter, Green, Harding, Hawkins, Hoddinot, Hoskins, Hunt, Hutchins, Kean, Lovelace, Lush, Meadus, Mullett, Mullins, Oakley, Oldford, Osmond, Parsons, Pond, Rogers, Samson, Saunders, Smith, Stratton, Way, Wheeler, White, Woodland, Wornell, Wright, and Young.

Newfoundland Photos of Greenspond Island - Photo Destinations for Greenspond Island, Newfoundland

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