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Bell Island Newfoundland Photos - Photo Destinations for Bell Island


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Newfoundland Photos of Cliffs of Bell Island - Bell Island, Newfoundland
Cliffs of Bell Island, Bell Island
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Newfoundland Photos of Cliffs Off Bell Islands - Bell Island, Newfoundland
Cliffs Off Bell Islands, Bell Island
Grebe's NestLighthouse AreaOn The Ferry
Bell Island, What a spot! This is one of the most scenic places to visit in all of Newfoundland. The cliffs, water and walking trails are just amazing. The people are friendly and it is only 2.00 to get a ferry ride over if you don't have your own. If you do have a kayak or canoe, you have to travel around this island.

They have one place over there called the Grebe's Nest. It is highly recommended as a great swimming hole. There is an old mine that is still there in the mountain that you have to travel through before getting there. It is truly a different thing, hope your not afraid of the dark.

When you get through the other side, it is like you are enclosed in a little carving out of the mountain, with a fine rocky beach to have a fire or just have a swim. Either way, a great place to relax and maybe even have a picnic.

If you plan on having a fire here, you should bring your own wood, for it is very scarce here. Very little driftwood to keep up with the people that visit here to swim on most sunny days of summer.

Location of Bell Island:
From St. John's, Newfoundland, it's a 20-minute drive to the ferry terminal at Portugal Cove, then a 20-minute ferry ride to Bell Island.

View the images above to get a map and directions to many locations on Bell Island.

Information About Bell Island:
* It is the largest of several islands in Conception Bay, measuring about 9 km by 3.5 km.
* Bell Island was initially settled by farmers in the 1700's. The discovery of iron ore in the late 1800's.
* Bell Island was one of the only places in North America to have seen enemy action in World War II.
* At low tide you can see the relics of the 4 ships that were sunk during the attack and on shore stands a memorial to the 69 men who lost their lives.

Bell Island Attractions:
* A Walking Trail will take you around the island to see everything they offer.
* Underground Mine - Closed since 1949, the No. 2 Mine is now prepared for underground tours.
* The Lighthouse - It is one of the most picturesque spots of Bell Island.
* The Sunken Ore Wrecks - Scuba divers can visit the sunken ore carriers.
* Sea Kayaking around amazing cliffs and caves.
* Bird Watching - A Bird Watcher's Paradise.
* The Sports Hall of Fame - Memorabilia from Bell Island's rich sporting history.

Bell Island Official Town Website: More Information About Bell Island, Newfoundland


Newfoundland Photos of Bell Island - Photo Destinations for Bell Island, Newfoundland


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