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Photo of Signal Hill Road Sign, St. John's, Newfoundland

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Location of St. John's, Signal Hill Road Sign
(Latitude : 47.57149 || Longitude : -052.69723)

Photo of Signal Hill Road Sign - Battery Road, St. John's, Newfoundland
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About Signal Hill Road Sign

This is a sign that tells all about Signal Hill Rd. This road is very scenic and great place for a romantic walk or long hike. It takes you all around the Signal hill area.andlt;BRandgt;andlt;BRandgt; Length 1.5 KM (0.8 mile)andlt;BRandgt; Time: Stroll - 30 minutesandlt;BRandgt; Brisk - 20 minutesandlt;BRandgt; Grain: Mostly Steepandlt;BRandgt;andlt;BRandgt; This invigorating walk up Signal Hill Road Follows one of the oldest and most scenic routes in the City.andlt;BRandgt;andlt;BRandgt; Beginning in a historic neighbourhood, the Sidewalking brings you to the most prominent landmark in St. John's. On your way up Signal Hill, pause to view historic archetchure, sites of early military and medical importance, and the cityscape below. Rugged scenery with rock outcrops and ponds lend a barren majesty to this walk. andlt;BRandgt;andlt;BRandgt;andlt;bandgt;Signal Hill Road - What You Will See And Enjoy!andlt;/bandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;BRandgt;Begin at the bottom of Signal Hill Road and follow the right hand sidewalk. Note St. Joseph's Convent, once the home of German master brewer Jon Lindberg who established the Lindberg Brewing Company Limited, near there in 1877. The James Anderson house at Powers Cour is one of the oldest building in St. John's, having survived the Great Fire of 1892, and is representative of the style of houses around town before the disaster. Continue past the Battery Hotel which overlooks the harbour. Up ahead is Deadman's Pond, where on December 26, 1869, Frederick Weston Carter lost his life in an unsuccessful endavour to save two young girls from drowning. The townspeople commorated his heroism by eracting a monument in fron of the Government House on Military Road. Further on, before entering Signal Hill National Historic Site, see the mural of the Tattoo on the City's pumphouse. Walk past Gibbet Hill, where British and later US military fortifications protected the Harbour below and where, in the late 1700's, criminals were hanged from the gibbet as a determent to others. The Visitor Center is built on the site of St. George's Hospital where quarantined victims, including those of the 1888 - 1890 diphtheria epidemic were treated. It was destroyed by windswept flankers from the 1892 Fire. COntinue past the dirt road that leads to Queen's Battery, but which also provided access to entensive US Army facilities and barraks erected here during WWII. Follow the steepest part of the road to the parking lot at Cabot Tower, where the walk Ends. andlt;BRandgt;andlt;BRandgt;andlt;bandgt;More Information About Signal Hill Road Trailandlt;/bandgt; andlt;BRandgt;andlt;BRandgt;andlt;Bandgt;Parkingandlt;/bandgt;: Duckworth Street, Signal Hill Visitor Center, The Lookout and Cabot Tower andlt;BRandgt;andlt;bandgt;Surfaceandlt;/bandgt;: Concrete Sidewalk, Roadside Gravel andlt;BRandgt;andlt;bandgt;Highlightsandlt;/bandgt;: Historic Parks and Places, Views of the City, Views of Atlantic Ocean andlt;BRandgt;andlt;bandgt;Bus Stopsandlt;/bandgt;: Quidi Vidi Road, Plymouth Roadandlt;BRandgt;andlt;bandgt;Food/Drinkandlt;/bandgt;: Convenience Store and Hotel on Signal Hill Road andlt;BRandgt;Rest Rooms: Signal Hill Visitor Center

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More Information About Signal Hill Road Sign

Photo Location: St. John's, Newfoundland
Where: Battery Road, St. John's, Newfoundland
Photograph Taken on : April 2nd of 2009
How Can You Access This Photo Destination:
View This NL Newfoundland Destination From Your Car. No Walking Required!

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What Can You Do Around Signal Hill Road Sign, St. John's, Newfoundland :
There are Walking Trails for Hiking or Biking Around This Newfoundland Photo Destination
Sightseeing Destination! Beautiful Picturesque Scenery All Around
Perfect Newfoundland Destination For a Romantic, Scenic Walk

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Newfoundland Photos >> St. John's >> Battery Road >> Signal Hill Road Sign

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